Welcome to Maclean Park Fieldhouse – the residency

Currently, we have a regular, Tuesday night drop in ‘Tool Fun’ night from 6-9pm, which is also a potluck. Look for us on Facebook under Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop.

This project is part of the Vancouver Park Board’s Artist studio residencies in parks and park facilities http://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/field-house-studio-residencies-in-parks.aspx

gang at table


Even more recent panoramii

New seasons of Lawn Time, Indoor Time and even some out-trips herein portrayed.

By now, you may have guessed that we’re very busy over at MacLean Park Fieldhouse. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t welcome to drop by. I’m there most days. What could possibly go wrong?

Big Draw at Oncle Hoonki’s

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Your chance to sit across the table and take your best shot at old advertising guru, Mr. Fire-Man.  Over three days of connected events, visitors to MacLean Park Fieldhouse can engage in a three-step rendering process, (beginning on Oct. 1 with the Red Paint Drawing Club) that progresses through to a finished rendering and a final celebration/show. No previous experience necessary. Children under 23 must be accompanied by an adult.

Day 1 – Saturday October 1 from 1-4pm

Day 2 – Sunday Oct 9 from 1-4pm

Day 3 – Saturday October 22 from 1-4 pm

Observe the cartoon below for more detailed instruction.



Urban Paleo Class #2 Oct 15 – 16


Your second chance to learn the basics of flintknapping-for-the-urbanite. Hands on instruction from David Gowman at MacLean Park Fieldhouse (710 Keefer Street) will instill the novice knapper with the basics to source and shape arrowhead-making material without traveling to a distant mountain or a gem store.

October 15, 16 from 1-4pm. Boots and long pants required. Gloves are also a bonus.

EartHand Gleaner’s Society members register here.

Non-members register here.

Last minute warning!

A new empress pollarding is about to happen, this one at Hastings Folk Garden just West of Hastings and Main on the North side. I wanted to tell you earlier, those five of you who refuse to join facebook and only get your information from this all-too-rarely used method here on wordpress, I did. Really. But something went wrong with my free service, and I couldn’t compose a new post. Suddenly, this morning, I can. So here’s the poster. The parade ends at Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop where we will be processing the bark and cooking up a few dye baths with my wonderful partner, Sharon. There will be snacks in abundance, hot chocolate and banana loaf. It could work out.

Empress Harvest Parade 2016 smalll

Vote for Martin!

Oncle Hoonki’s contributor, spoon carver and filmaker extraordinaire, Martin Borden is in a contest to win funds to make a film about my wooden orchestra, the LFM. Before you even scroll down to gaze in wonder upon my exploitative propaganda, click this link, and vote for Martin’s film ‘Mr. Fire-Man makes a Horn Orchestra from Wood’. You can vote every day for the next three days. Do a guy a favour, would you?

Martin promo


A very special field trip

Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop had a field trip yesterday. We took horns to the Means of Production Garden for a tea party on the hillside, and played them in the amphitheatre while pretty people ate snacks in dappled shade.

Alexis, Liisa and Pandora upselling the lifestyle.


Over-exploited musicians resting before the big show.
A cluster of Fu-horns awaiting transport down to the amphitheatre.
The Tea Tent ready for service.
Ms. Greenwood catching sunlight.
Musicians to the stage!
Colleen lounges in the amphitheatre whilst minding Hazel, the dog who would upstage us during the first set.
Time to pack up.
Please pick up after your dog.

This Tuesday, June 2, we will meet at Oncle Hoonki’s for 6, grab tools and horns, and parade over to Trillium for a 7pm ‘Sofa Carving Session’. Trillium North Park is on the Southwest end of Stratchcona neighbourhood. Get to Malkin Ave. and go as West as you can. Can’t miss it.

Jasper Smashing Day

Though many other events occurred on Jasper Smashing Day, none of them present as a temptation for the sacrament of day-naming compared to the actual smashing of said jasper which happened in under an hour way back at the beginning of my very long day. Rightfully speaking, Mowing the Grass Day has more legitimacy given that it took more time.

But let’s stay on topic, yes?

A small field o'flakes.
A small field o’flakes.

And now, looking at this photo and remembering the force it took to drive ’em off the core, I understand why my back hurts.