Field Trips to Trillium begin in June!

As of last week, we are outside (at least partially), on the lawn at Maclean Fieldhouse, soaking up the freedom and fresh Strathcona air.  The plan for June is to take it a step further and begin a series of forays to Trillium North Park so as to carve the giant cedar log into an outdoor couch. Let’s call it ‘Oncle Hoonki’s Field Trip Sessions’. We’ll meet at Maclean for 6, gather tools and leave by 6:30, march down to Trillium (5 blocks) and get at it with axes, chisels and adzes. Bring your own box lunch, since Trillium lacks a kitchen.

Please enjoy the photos of recent events and projects particular to Maclean Fieldhouse.

lawn gang May 2015
I recommend spending as much time as possible sitting on the lawn, on a blanket surrounded by arts practitioners, Oregonians and Vancouverites alike.
pan biggy may 2015
A panorama of the new horn. Hijinks would ensue.
trigger arm
Boxwood is satisfyingly tough for trigger carving. This armature fits onto the new ‘Friendly Serpent’. Wait for it.
sneaky honker
I was invited to crash a birthday party in the park. Photo credit – Martin Borden
birthday honker
Community engagement comes in many forms

Did I mention the Garden Party on Sunday May 31st at MOP Garden? You should come. I should put a poster right below this.

May 31 2015 party


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