2020 – Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Stats – a year in review

Here is a link advertising our MacLean Park music series for last season. If you have a chance, please give a robust thank-you to Alan Zisman, creator, show-host and band-wrangler of this very successful series that brought much happiness to beleaguered Strathconians during hard times.
You are always welcome to visit Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop Facebook page, where photos and updates happen in near real time.

These stats do not include personal hours of fuhorn building, the main creative project by yours truly, MacLean Park Fieldhouse Steward, Mr. Fire-D-Man, as they number in the thousands, and reveal exactly why my RMT exclaimed, ‘These are not muscles, they are rocks!’ For many tasty photos, you can always search the hashtags #fuhorns, #onclehoonkis

Jan-Feb 2020 (or The Before, as we now call it)
Tuesday Night Potluck&Carving – 8 Classes, 10 adults , 240 hours of engagement
Lawntime (outdoor demonstrations and conversation) – 12 sessions, 20 adults/children, 240 hours
Band Practice (indoor) – 6 sessions, 4 adults, 72 hours
Flintknapping Class – Sat. Feb 22 – 4 adults, 12 hours

Mar – Nov 2020
Tuesday night Carving with Lorne – 2 artists, 120 hours
Lawntime – 50 sessions, 200 adults/children, 1000 hours
Hornbuilding for Youth (outdoor sessions) – 7 children, 20 classes, 420 hours 30 Minute Horn Meditation with Mr. Fire-Man – 10 sessions, 20 adults/children, 200 hours Band Practice (indoor sessions) – 4 artists, 16 sessions, 256 hours
Music Series (outdoor) – 45 concerts, 50 adults/children, 4500 hours
Hornwalks with Lorne and David – 3 walks, 3 people, 36 hours
Outdoor Painting with Eri Ishii – 4 people, 16 hours

Total hours of engagement for 2020 at MacLean Park: 7112 hours!

Online series videos helped engage folks who needed creative outlet, but couldn’t come in person.
DIY bentknife 72 views
Close Enough Stick 20 views
Make a Tube out of Wood 28 views
Begin a Small Fuhorn 10 views
Small Fuhorn Build, parts 2 thru 5 41 views
Fuhorns at 7 102 views
Amazing Story podcast with Shane Malcolm MacMillan (subject: Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop) 50 downloads


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