2020 – Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Stats – a year in review

Here is a link advertising our MacLean Park music series for last season. If you have a chance, please give a robust thank-you to Alan Zisman, creator, show-host and band-wrangler of this very successful series that brought much happiness to beleaguered Strathconians during hard times.
You are always welcome to visit Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop Facebook page, where photos and updates happen in near real time.

These stats do not include personal hours of fuhorn building, the main creative project by yours truly, MacLean Park Fieldhouse Steward, Mr. Fire-D-Man, as they number in the thousands, and reveal exactly why my RMT exclaimed, ‘These are not muscles, they are rocks!’ For many tasty photos, you can always search the hashtags #fuhorns, #onclehoonkis

Jan-Feb 2020 (or The Before, as we now call it)
Tuesday Night Potluck&Carving – 8 Classes, 10 adults , 240 hours of engagement
Lawntime (outdoor demonstrations and conversation) – 12 sessions, 20 adults/children, 240 hours
Band Practice (indoor) – 6 sessions, 4 adults, 72 hours
Flintknapping Class – Sat. Feb 22 – 4 adults, 12 hours

Mar – Nov 2020
Tuesday night Carving with Lorne – 2 artists, 120 hours
Lawntime – 50 sessions, 200 adults/children, 1000 hours
Hornbuilding for Youth (outdoor sessions) – 7 children, 20 classes, 420 hours 30 Minute Horn Meditation with Mr. Fire-Man – 10 sessions, 20 adults/children, 200 hours Band Practice (indoor sessions) – 4 artists, 16 sessions, 256 hours
Music Series (outdoor) – 45 concerts, 50 adults/children, 4500 hours
Hornwalks with Lorne and David – 3 walks, 3 people, 36 hours
Outdoor Painting with Eri Ishii – 4 people, 16 hours

Total hours of engagement for 2020 at MacLean Park: 7112 hours!

Online series videos helped engage folks who needed creative outlet, but couldn’t come in person.
DIY bentknife 72 views
Close Enough Stick 20 views
Make a Tube out of Wood 28 views
Begin a Small Fuhorn 10 views
Small Fuhorn Build, parts 2 thru 5 41 views
Fuhorns at 7 102 views
Amazing Story podcast with Shane Malcolm MacMillan (subject: Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop) 50 downloads

Lawntime continues at Oncle Hoonki’s

Wandering Strathcona looking for distractions? Stop by regular afternoons at MacLean Park Fieldhouse for skills demonstrations and conversation with team members of Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop. Recent additions to our arsenal of engagements include the new lawn xylophone!

Listen for the sounds of horns as we celebrate Midwinterhoornblau, an imported Dutch tradition that involves wooden trumpets and wintertime.

Got a wood project in mind? Ask resident shop Steward, David for a free consultation. Conversation is always welcome at #lawntime. More photos at #fuhorns #onclehoonkis and of course, on Facebook under Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop group page.

Closed – but Open Online!

While classes and Lawntime at McLean Park Fieldhouse are currently unavailable (due to global pandemonium), we are still offering updates in cyberspace!

Recent documentation

Below, a short list documenting collaborations with MacLean Park Fieldhouse and related subjects, such that you will be kept up to date.

Brad Muirhead Orchestra with fuhorns

UBC film students

Lawn Time

Strathcona Comm. collaborations

Sharing food and skills at MacLean

lawn time 2017
Lawn Time with children

lawn time 2
More Lawn Time

Offsite carving, local.

musical collaboration with fuhorns

flintknapping for adults

horn designs, locally grown

spoon carving, locally sourced.

recent panorama

youth paying attention

adult skills development

flintknapping for kids!

local master demonstrating

family Lawn Time

woodwind for youth

stone tools demonstration

recent carving class

EartHand class at MacLean

HFG hornwood harvest

two year staves.

IMG_20180206_202621 (1)
local carvers guild

with snacks and commeraderie

Strathcona Garden crossover event

EartHand Annual General

diaspora of locals

MOP tree sculpture, year 4

MOP Garden panorama

Cottonwood Garden source tree

source tree with hand woven fence

more visitors, more spoons, more snacks

small fuhorn, pre-assembly

hillside concert mop
The LFM at MOP Garden

Keen garden party participants

interactive panorama

even more Lawn Time

Big Draw at Oncle Hoonki’s

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Your chance to sit across the table and take your best shot at old advertising guru, Mr. Fire-Man.  Over three days of connected events, visitors to MacLean Park Fieldhouse can engage in a three-step rendering process, (beginning on Oct. 1 with the Red Paint Drawing Club) that progresses through to a finished rendering and a final celebration/show. No previous experience necessary. Children under 23 must be accompanied by an adult.

Day 1 – Saturday October 1 from 1-4pm

Day 2 – Sunday Oct 9 from 1-4pm

Day 3 – Saturday October 22 from 1-4 pm

Observe the cartoon below for more detailed instruction.



Urban Paleo Class #2 Oct 15 – 16


Your second chance to learn the basics of flintknapping-for-the-urbanite. Hands on instruction from David Gowman at MacLean Park Fieldhouse (710 Keefer Street) will instill the novice knapper with the basics to source and shape arrowhead-making material without traveling to a distant mountain or a gem store.

October 15, 16 from 1-4pm. Boots and long pants required. Gloves are also a bonus.

EartHand Gleaner’s Society members register here.

Non-members register here.

Last minute warning!

A new empress pollarding is about to happen, this one at Hastings Folk Garden just West of Hastings and Main on the North side. I wanted to tell you earlier, those five of you who refuse to join facebook and only get your information from this all-too-rarely used method here on wordpress, I did. Really. But something went wrong with my free service, and I couldn’t compose a new post. Suddenly, this morning, I can. So here’s the poster. The parade ends at Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop where we will be processing the bark and cooking up a few dye baths with my wonderful partner, Sharon. There will be snacks in abundance, hot chocolate and banana loaf. It could work out.

Empress Harvest Parade 2016 smalll