The big picture circa April 2015

April progress report 2015a


Yes, I do talk to stones.

Or in this case, a hunk of busted television screen glass, which makes a fine substitute in a city environ where obsidian is rare and costly. Lately I’ve been calling my game of large spear-point reduction ‘Screw You, Loser’ on account of the extreme likelihood of failure, with the normal outcome seeing my own project mock me for ineptitude. So you can understand my motivation to post a win.

Begin Fieldhouse Bass Horn Jam

Desirous of a vehicle by which my community can practice low-register farty sounds on aerophones, I’ve scheduled an ongoing, twice monthly Friday night at Maclean Park Fieldhouse called ‘the Bass Horn Jam’. The inaugural event is Friday February 20th from 7 – 9pm. Potluck is encouraged as is your own mouthpiece. Leave your judgement at home.bass jam small

Recent shenanigans and painting schedules

spoon cult jan 17 2015 005

We cannot be blamed for our excitement. It is late January, 2015. The years ahead have real potential, the year before – a great momentum. But patience we must practice, for the Fieldhouse, she is getting a paintjob.spoon cult jan 17 2015 012

More specifically, she is getting a paintjob that will be done on Saturday, Feb. 14th. So we need to reserve ourselves a special ‘First Evening at the New Oncle Hoonki’s’ for Tuesday February 17th. I hope you can come out and play. Meantime, it’s the hurry up and wait game over at my place. Cramped, but legit.spoon cult jan 17 2015 015